“Study the past, if you would divine the future.” – Confucius

Music history matters. It really does.

Why? Well, if you are a musical person at all, looking back at the history of music is crucial to learn about others who have lived almost the same life you have. Oh sure, maybe they didn’t have iPads, 4000 television stations, or the ability to share their art on the web with everyone instantly around the world as we have at our disposal now. But they did share your struggles.

They shared your love of music, and the grind of trying to make a living with it. They shared your joy of expression or creation, and your terror that you may never play or write like that again. They shared the motivation and adulation of fans and success, and the depression and pain that comes from rejection and criticism.

Mozart doing an original house concert.

By knowing the story of Mozart, you can see the wonder of performing at a high level and being respected for your work forever. You can also learn from his impetuousness, how he refused to make art for the sake of money, and his poor management of the money he did make…

Through careful study of masters like Bach and Haydn, you can learn the value of a steady gig, and how to use them to your advantage or the creation of great works.

You can learn from the triumphs, mistakes, personal stories, and what drove them.

Whether you are a music student, love of music, music industry person or want to be any of these…music history matters.

We can almost see our future by discovering what happened in the past.

Hope it’s a good journey for you and thanks for joining us.

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